Discovering the Lakes of Brianza

Discover the fascinating Lakes of Brianza just a stone’s throw from our hotel


Lake Como

Lake Como, also known as Lario, has a characteristic inverted Y shape given by the three branches that make it up: to the north Colico, to the southeast Lecco and to the southwest Como. Picturesque and characteristic are the towns that overlook the waters of Lake Como, where one can visit, among other things, beautiful villas with splendid gardens. The best way to discover the beauty of the lake is through its waters, thanks to the service of the Lake Navigation Management. For a trip of a few hours or a long vacation, Lake Como offers always insights into art, culture and of course beautiful landscapes.


Lake Pusiano

Lake Pusiano is a lake known for its waters calm that bathe the municipalities of Pusiano, Eupilio, Erba, Merone, Cesana Brianza and Bosisio Parini. With its perimeter of about 11 kilometers, Lake Pusiano is the most striking of the minor lakes in Lombardy and, at present, is among the few to have totally swimmable waters. It represents European excellence in fishing and sports such as rowing and canoeing, where nationals from all over the world come to train. The best way to discover the beauty of the lake is through its waters, aboard the Enigma motorboat or the Vago Eupili boat. In this way you can also visit the characteristic Cypress Island.


Lake Segrino

Lake Segrino is a small Lombardy lake prealpine area located between the municipalities of Canzo, Longone al Segrino and Eupilio. It is considered the cleanest lake in Europe by virtue of its underground sources and the absence of pollution from industry or from excessive tourist exploitation. A perfect place for an out-of-town excursion, around the lake it is possible to make a pleasant 5-kilometer cycle and pedestrian walk.


Lake Garlate

Lake Garlate is located south of the city of Lecco and is connected to Lake Como by the river Adda. Thanks to the new cycle and pedestrian pathway in a loop, Lake Garlate is completely passable along its entire perimeter thanks to the Lakes cycle path, which from Lecco touches the municipalities of Pescate, Garlate and Olginate on the right bank and the municipalities of Calolzio corte and Vercurago on the left bank. The route is also recommended on foot for those who wish to spend a day in the open air making several stops.

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